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4 Things to Apply for App Store SEO

We are often asked for ways to improve an app's ranking on the App Store and increase downloads. The truth is that there are two ways to gaining a user base: a strong marketing budget and App Store SEO. The first includes paying popular online PR sites, using 3rd party marketing platforms, showcasing at local events, launch parties, etc...Unfortunately all of this comes at a cost. If you are one of the lucky ones who have the investment then keep at it!

The second, the one for those that aren't as fortunate, consists of guerrilla marketing efforts. This article will cover ways to improve your App store SEO. Before we begin let's look briefly at why you should do App Store SEO and its advantages.


Why consider doing App Store SEO?

The most logical answer is "why not?!". App Store SEO will play an important part in your guerrilla marketing strategy costing you next to nothing. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes of your time leading to immediate results. Before we share our 4 key things to know, lets summarize the advantages:

Great for those who don't have a marketing budget.

Easy to do and takes only a few minutes.

Increases your app's exposure within the store.


4 Quick and Simple Things to Apply


1. Identify Your Keywords
- Spend some time thinking about keywords that best categorize and describe your app.

- Solely use the singular version of a keyword, e.g. school not schools.

- Use all the available characters if possible - the last we checked you were given up to 100 characters.

- Localize your keywords for each given language.

- Do not repeat the app name in your keywords.


2. Rating

Within your app make sure to include randomized prompts asking your customers to rate your app within the App Store. It takes little coding time to add and its a great way for your happy users to show some love back for all the hard work you've put in (that's the least they can do especially if you have no pricing model).


3. More App Downloads Leads to Higher Rankings

The more downloads you are able to convert the higher up the rankings you will appear for your chosen keywords.


4. Description

There's a misconception that a long descriptive app summary helps with rankings. We have yet to find any metrics to support this but we do recommend the following:

- Keep it simple and short.

- Include quotes from popular PR releases that have talked about your mobile app.

- Use bullet points that best describe the key features of the app and its overall purpose.

- Convince your potential new users that your app is worth the download.


Hope this was informative and that it can be applied on your next app. We look forward to seeing you at the top of the charts.

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